Aura Recap, Part 3: Groovin' on Sunday Afternoon and Aura Artwork (Photos)

​By the time the sun rose on the final day of Aura Fest, heavy clouds had filled the sky, shielding recovering partiers from its brutal heat. A steady drizzle continued throughout the morning and for much of the day. This made for optimal sleeping conditions, which were much needed for many after a long night of exertion.

Most didn't hang in their tents for too long, though. After all, the party was still on. Folks ponchoed up and made their way into the stage area to catch afternoon sets by Marc Paperscissor, J2K, and others. And to check out the many artists who were displaying their work underneath tents, out of the rain.

The art was not limited to tents, though. Throughout the fest, inspired people were doing decorating of various sorts, and there was always live painting going on in front of the stages. 

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