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Aventura Inspires Serious Love and Hate Ahead of Two Nights at Hard Rock Live

Tonight begins a two-night onslaught of blood-boiling emotions at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, courtesy of Bronx bachata quartet Aventura. The double dose make perfect sense based upon what is already well-circulated about Anthony "Romeo" Santos and his Latin boy band: They are popular and they know it.

However, writer and noted Latin music aficionado Christopher Lopez isn't having it. We originally approached him to write a preview and try to score an interview, but his reply was: "I kind of hate them. With a passion." What resulted is an excellent and very funny essay: "A Latin Music Fan's Case Against Aventura" running down every grab of the crotch or cat-like "meow" that the glut of fans attending tonight and tomorrow aren't too concerned about. Even if you've never heard of them, this polarizing piece is worth a read.

Lopez addresses Aventura's lyrical content here:

Consider "Un Beso," in which lead singer Romeo declares (translated literally), "Your mouth is so sensual/It captivates and excites me... your tongue is my weakness."

Perhaps emboldened by its seemingly unending success, or perhaps

appealing to fans' basest groupie impulses, the bachata boy band from

the Bronx rarely makes an effort to even feign romance. To hell with

thinly veiled come-ons, it just goes for the jugular. Or the zipper, as

the case may be.

From the comments section:

"I think you snorted too much of that cocaine and your case isnt one at

all, its judgement from a jealous dummy who doesnt know good music

& lyrics when you hear them."

So we found a few grouchy fans! And a guy who was right there with us too. I must note that these were better thought out (and less hateful) arguments than the comments I got from giving 50 Cent a collective "meh."

Aventura. 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 6, and Wednesday, July 7, at Hard Rock

Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets cost $75 to $150. Call

800-745-3000, or click


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