Awesome New Republic's Hearts Drops October 27

​You know the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?" Well, Awesome New Republic know it all too well. After releasing their latest EPs Rational Geographic Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, October was suppose to bring the release of the final installment. Unfortunately, we'll never get to hear those tracks.

According to ANR's blog, the band "made a third volume to Rational Geographic. It had seven tracks on it. It was finished. Then, through the powerful hand of fate, a storm blasted through the neighborhood and that coupled with the shoddy electrical wiring in Lemon City, Miami, we lost everything on a series of hard-drives including backups."

Instead of dwelling on the bad news, the band picked up the pieces and re-recorded the tracks along with some new material in two weeks. From that session came Hearts, an 11-track album that will be released via Honor Roll Music on October 27. No word if it will be a physical release or a free digital download.

Full track-listing after the jump.

  1. Whatever
  2. Dances When
  3. Alleycat
  4. Birthday
  5. Digital World
  6. Footstomping Decay
  7. Dark Water
  8. Deep Love
  9. Last Drop
  10. Wheels, No Engines
  11. Hearts

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