Azealia Banks: Homophobe, Moron, or Both?

Azealia Banks is the best rapper alive. "212" was the best single of whatever year you heard it in, and the year after that. That Fantasea mixtape was the shit.

However, the innovative female MC's feud with peer-a-like, Angel Haze, has not been as exciting as her actual rapping.

And to make matters worse, the feud led to a Twitter brawl that somehow yielded a flurry of digital blathering and hurt Perez Hilton's feelings.

And with good reason. Because Azealia Banks called him "a messy faggot" and encouraged him to commit suicide!

Sure, Azealia used a bunch of slurs. But what about Perez's obscene "rap" impression. Why isn't anyone Tweeting hatefully out about that? It's the corniest, honkiest, most unintentional self-parody we've seen since the world didn't end last December (dammit).

This is where the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and all semblance of sense, reason, and educated discourse go right to shit. WTF is Azealia Banks talking about with this inside-joke-ingo bullshit that ends up being even stupider and more confoundingly problematic than if she just meant "faggot" for any of its commonplace and widely accepted uses. This whole Tweeter war is one self-clowning after another.

Azealia digs a little deeper, as though on a mad quest for buried gold, or attempting an ambitious passage to China through the center of the fucking planet. Does anybody (besides Azealia banks) really use bisexual anymore? We thought queer came to be the reigning term for the pansexually inclined? Everyone's a freak. We'd also like to note she has copped to using "the f word" to refer to the term she is so valiantly and foolhardily defending.

County Grind doesn't think Azealia Banks hates gay people. She's just a moron.

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Matt Preira