Azealia Banks "No Problems" Video Filmed at Ultra 2013 with Diplo and Steve Aoki

Azealia Banks clearly worked the shit out of the second weekend of Ultra 2013 in her newly released video for "No Problems." Originally a diss track aimed at Angel Haze, the song takes on new meaning sung amidst the empty wide eyes, glowing ensembles, and sweaty pits of UMF partiers.

Banks is clearly having a ball in this footage. She cakes a silly girl in an UMF inner tube from Steve Aoki's stage, painting her lips with the leftover grub. She swings her arms around and sings into a crystal-studded cell phone, silhouetted against Biscayne Bay. And to close out the video, with her arm around Diplo, he refers to himself as a "big white star."

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You can even see Banks performing in her snakeskin wetsuit to a packed house at the live stage at Bayfront. The video is the work of young scene and portrait photographer Rony Alwin, and, man, is it fun to watch. Even if you didn't attend or know nothing about the event, this is a pretty great work of video art and documentation of Ultra's insides. Definitely better than most of the stuff spewed on the web. Enjoy.

AZEALIA BANKS - NO PROBLEMS from Rony Alwin on Vimeo.

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