B-52's, a Band That's Impossible Not to Love or Cover; Hard Rock Live, Aug. 22

Don't you love the B-52's? Of course you do! You'd be a downright honey badger's fuckfuck toy if you didn't! The world's greatest party band will grace the stage at Hard Rock Live on August 22 with a five-decade-strong repertoire of audience pleasers. It's not only your booty they wanna shake, oh, no. They wanna get inside your brain. This Athens, GA, outfit crawled out of the post-punk/New Wave muck and ingrained themselves into your subconscious with hits like "Rock Lobster" and "Channel Z."

The B-52's, so named after excessive beehive hairdos, have come a long way. They've made it through the tragedy of and AIDS death, and the complexities of solo careers, and have always endeavored to be quirky, campy fun. How can you hate that? You can't. Follow the jump, babies.

We're not going to give you a career rundown of a band that's been around and relevant for this long, but we can safely say that the B-52's have touched enough cats, mainstream and not, to make for a fairly pleasurable dueling song list. Keep your banjo shenanigans to yourself for the time being, germs, and madams.

What we offer, right now, through the miracle of the internet, are three tracks as interpreted by six different outfits. You like 'em, good! You don't? Be the judge, make it viral!


Unit:187 - "Planet Claire"

Leave it to these polite Vancouverites,


, to make this a lesser than industrial piece than it should've been. Still, not bad. Just not so "foundry." Oh, well. We actually do freaking love BC.


Foo Fighters - "Planet Claire"

We cannot answer for the integrity of this video, but shit, if Fred Schneider is willing to cast his luck with

Grohl and crew

, that's fine by me.


Botch - "Rock Lobster"

These hardcore mathematicians from the Pacific Northwest try to teach us a new thing or two, based on earlier formulas. Did


, botch it? Leave your comments below!

3. Dead Horse - "Rock Lobster"
If flogging a dead horse is passé, we don't know what to say. We can't play "progressive" instruments. Things are certainly different in Texas...


Sugarland - "Love Shack"

The love shack is a place that, in our thirty-plus years, we've been unable to find. We live a loveless existence, and moreover, a shack-less one at that. It almost seems like a fantasy-land, where unicorns deliver the mail. But this country duo shanghaied the real deal B-fifties live. Maybe we don't know shit... but we'll follow-through with these assholes:


Little Furry Woodlands Creatures Ruining Your Life - "Love Shack"

If we had clever words before the booze


drugs kicked in, we lost 'em. The Chipmunks do not do the B-52's justice. They just don't.

B-52's at 8 p.m. on Aug. 22 at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Buy tickets here.

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