Bachaco Live at Poprox This Sunday

Thirsting for a new place to satiate your unquenchable thirst for strong drink and enjoy some good tunes?  Rack your brain no further.  You may already have heard of Poprox, a new club that opened on SoBe at the start of the month, named after everyone's favorite mysteriously crackly candy from days of youth.  The North Collins dive is geared toward live music, much like Churchill's or Tobacco Road, but with a view (of your your car getting towed). This Sunday they're having a party called A.B. Quintanilla presents... La Industria, apparently hosted by the founder of thirteen of fifteen incarnations of the Kumbia Kings.  The musical offering comes in the form of Bachaco (pronounced BAH-SHA-KO). 

Bachaco is a group of four youths from Venezuela, another from Colombia and one more from Jamaica, so named for a leafcutter ant found in the Amazon -- the jungle, not the website.  Enotomology be damned, the spicy little suckers are ground up by Indians to create a hot sauce -- the ants, I mean, not the six kids. To quote Wayne Campbell, "it's not just a clever name," because theirs is a spicy blend of reggae and dancehall with cumbia, funk, hip hop, Latin rock 'n' roll, combining the varied sounds of their upbringings in one harmonious intermingling of cultures.  Go check them out.

Catch Bachaco live at Poprox (2701 Collins Ave--entry on on side, not Collins) for A.B. Quintanilla presents...La Industria, starting at 9 p.m.

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Christopher Lopez