Backstage in South Florida: Fernando Perdomo Seeks to Alter Perceptions

Music vet and New Times scribe Lee Zimmerman shares observations, insights, and updates relating to South Florida's musical environs. This week, Fernando Perdomo sets out to change the world.  

It seems Fernando Perdomo is at it again. The ambitious mastermind behind South Florida's Forward Motion Records and member of rock band Dreaming in Stereo has launched a new crusade. This time, he is disputing the notion that South Florida is solely concerned with Latin music and/or hip-hop excesses. 

"Despite the popularity of Miami's upcoming Winter Music Conference -- dedicated solely to the dance genre -- and the ratio of dance venues over live music houses, local indie label Forward Motion has been an avid activist intent on placing South Florida on the non-hip-hop-or-DJ-music map," Perdomo proclaimed in a recent news release. 

With a microscopic budget, label President Fernando Perdomo has secured more press, TV, and radio for the label and its artists in the past two years than most acts or labels in the South Florida area that are not affiliated with a major record company.

In fact, Perdomo sounds something like a crusader these days. "It's high time the rest of America recognizes this area as a hotbed of musical activity beyond its current perception," he declares, going so far as to lobby for Miami's very own Miami Music Festival, which would concentrate mostly on nondance acts. 

To emphasize his point, Perdomo even managed to enlist actor Christian Slater in his campaign. After meeting him during the recent Art Basel festivities, he encouraged Slater to hold up a sign created for the Alvy Band, one that read "There is Rock 'n' Roll in Miami." Unfortunately, the sign covers Slater's face, which kind of negates proof of the star's actual endorsement. 

On other Forward Motion fronts, the label plans to join forces with Acoustic Soul Records and Leftfield Promotion to launch a college-radio blitz this fall that would involve four of the label's artists -- Jennifer Kaiser, the Chris Alvy Band, SJ, and, of course, Dreaming in Stereo. Perdomo claims more college radio campaigns are scheduled for 2012, not only as a means of promoting the label's roster but to forge a sea change in South Florida's place in the national music arena. 

Finally, there's one more bit of Forward Motion news to pass on. Three of the label's leading lights -- Dreaming in Stereo, the Robert Goodman Band, and the Chris Alvy Band -- are on tap for a performance at the newly opened Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall, 2006 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. Dubbed ForwardMotionRecords:ArtistsLIVE, the gig takes place on Friday, March 16, at 9 p.m. Visit for more information.

Dang, it really does seem like Perdomo and company are everywhere...

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Lee Zimmerman