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Backstreet Boys Are Back, All Right! After 20 Years, the "Boys" Are Releasing a New Album

Kevin Richardson has finally stopped playing games with our hearts and the wallets of the rest of the Backstreet Boys. He's back with his blue eyes and raven, spiky hair to complete the original lineup of the pop quintet. The band just announced that its comeback premiere performance will take place on Good Morning America on August 31. This reunion is big, hot, synchronized dance news for 20-something women everywhere, announced just as '90s nostalgia hit dangerously high levels all over the globe (No Doubt and Green Day too! Somebody get us a Gatorade).

While a more fitting name for the group at this point is Backstreet Grown Ass Men, universal heartthrob Nick Carter, bad boy A.J. McLean, puppy-eyed Howie Dorough, and plain old Brian Littrell have been touring and recording under their original moniker for quite some time now. But with the addition of Richardson, the boys are back and recording an upcoming album to be released in 2013.

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Richardson left the band in 2006 before the release of Unbreakable and 2009's This Is Us. Now that the OG BSB are back together, this album will hopefully be packed with the same old sounds: Jams that make us dance and swoon at the same time and lovesick melodies. Either way, we're already pulling our panties down in anticipation of throwing them onstage.

Most fans who first experienced the pubescent sonic nectar of these cuties with Backstreet Boys, are well into their twenties and thirties by now. (Yeah, we're looking at you! Don't act like you don't remember learning the choreography to "Everybody" with your junior high school posse.) Needless to say, it'll be interesting to see how they bridge the age gap between their older and newer fans. Though no spring chickens themselves, they likely still have the moves to trample down the Beibs and the Jonas', snagging their rightful title of pop's most dreamy boy band of all time.

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