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Bally-Hi Soundsystem at Radio-Active Records August 21

Adventurous wax purists, unite! Listen to a bizarre sampling of musical obscura from around the globe during Radio-Active Records' "Continental Drift" event

featuring the Bally-Hi Soundsystem on Saturday.

Sounds from all over the map -- both

geographically and stylistically -- make up this audio game of truth or

dare that could end up as the best night a pair of Asian pop- and

psych-rock enthusiasts might ever hope to have. In public, anyhow. The

cocktails will be alcohol-free, but the atmosphere itself will be

intoxicating. Films of a complementary nature showing during the event

will ensure that the instinct to just lie on the floor with one's eyes

shut will just not do. Interact, react, and reflect as "The Terragroove"

washes over your unsuspecting ears with samplings of folk, jazz, and

microgenres like "Musica Cincitta" and "Vodou." No clue how "nature

sounds" will fit in, but we're confident that they will.

More on the night from Peter Uropress:
The idea for Continental Drift was developed by myself and Paul P. of Radio-Active Records as a means to disseminate some of the more exotic and

underground music that is both sold at the shop and of which both of us are much

interested in. "Journey Into the Terragroove" is a concept which I developed

in order to present music from around the world that shares a similar theme:

funky, jazzy, folkish, and definitely different. Labels such as Sublime

Frequencies, Subliminal Sounds, Crippled Dick Hot Wax, and Analogue Africa are a

definite influence as these labels specialize in regional funk, afrobeat,

Pakistani moog pop, Asian & Indian music: in other words, music that is hip

to its specific region but basically unknown in the west. It is our intention

with this first event to spotlight these types of sounds and also throwing in a

healthy mixture of traditional sounds, French & Italian pop, and cool jazz

sounds from the likes of Lloyd Miller, Madlib, Pharaoh Sanders, and whatever

else we are feeling.

In order to keep the event from being a typical "DJ" event we have also

developed a non-alcoholic "drink" menu consisting of juice drinks of our own

creation, sporting names such as Jacques Cousteau's Kinky Sidewinder, the

Tai-pei Tournado, and the Cone of Uncertainty. We will also have the party area

decorated in a festive atmospheric manner and will also be showing docu. films

covering themes relevant to the music being played

(voudou/travelogues/traditional festivals/etc...).

The free event

runs from 7 to 10 p.m. at Radio- Active Records, located at 1930B E.

Sunrise Blvd. in the Gateway Shops Plaza in Fort Lauderdale. Call

954-762-9488, or visit Sat., Aug. 21, 7 p.m., 2010


Overall it is our hope to present an interesting event highlighting music

that would not usually be played in clubs or at parties or heard on the radio.

It is also an opportunity for lovers of these styles of music to come together

in a small and ambient setting. We are currently planning on making Continental

Drift a monthly event with a different theme being showcased each month. Future

events will include a deep jazz night entitled "Afro Futurism," a soul night

entitled "Soul For Your Earhole," a hauntology event entitled "Hauntology:

Inspirations in Folklore," and an ode to the classic "Yacht Rock" You Tube films

entitled "Smooooth Sailin'." The common theme is to present music that is

unknown or seldom heard. This is Continental Drift.


I am currently working on a Facebook page that will serve as our main

source of promotion. It will be Bally-Hi Soundsystem on Facebook. I will update

you on each new event as the details are finalized. Please email me any

questions and I will (this time!!!) promptly get back to you. Thank you so much

for your interest in our events and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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