Band in Heaven Launches T-Shirt Kickstarter Project

West Palm Beach shoegaze act Band in Heaven has hatched a "pyramid scheme" of sorts to fund and sell a spooky new T-shirt design. Although the shirts won't be ready until January of next year, BIH is undoubtedly cashing in on a "just in time for Halloween" promotional push.

At the right, you can see that the shirts could feature a quintet of trick-or-treating canines -- but this is just a rough design of what the finished product will be. Don't worry; their bark is worse than their bite.

A $10 donation will purchase you the shirt, and parting with $30 adds a copy of the band's HoZac seven-inch release.

The full details of the campaign are below:

We are a relatively poor, usually loud shoegaze band based out of West Palm Beach, Fl. We want to set up some tour dates to support the release of our 7" coming out on HoZac Records (http://www.hozacrecords.com) in January, and hope these shirts will help us fund such an endeavor. The art is based off the design for the 7" created by Matt Lifson (http://mattlifson.com). This is just a rough mock of what the shirt will look like.

If it isn't already old news to you, Kickstarter projects have a set start and finish, so give generously to the Band in Heaven's cause for the next 35 days to get it to its $300 goal.

As you can see, the recently released art for the HoZac release -- a collaboration between Matt Lifson and Ben Mendelewicz -- is the inspiration for the new T.

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