Baths' "Lovely Bloodflow" Video Starts Out Somewhat Gruesome
Photo by John Wiesenfeld

Baths' "Lovely Bloodflow" Video Starts Out Somewhat Gruesome

Baths, AKA Los Angeles electronic music prodigy Will Wiesenfeld, has one of County Grind's favorite albums of the year not created in our local environs in Cerulean. And indeed, "Lovely Bloodflow" and its stutter-step beats and helium vocals can be credited for a heaping portion of this infatuation. Now, in terms of a visual, we enjoy Bruce Campbell movies plenty, but imagining the red (or blue) liquid pulsing naturally inside its proper vessels is as lovely of a thing as any.

For the "Lovely Bloodflow" clip, however, a dying Samurai warrior gets something essential punctured, and he's losing a lot of that blood. So where's the lovely part? His spirit tries to leave his body via green smoke, but some masked healers aren't ready to let him pass on -- until he sees one last beautiful sight. Watch the clip created by Young Replicant below.


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