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Be an Extra in Blond Fuzz's "Black Magic Touch" Music Video Sunday

Wanna worship in the temple of rock on Sunday (August 22) morning? Boca Raton trio Blond Fuzz is filming a music video in West Palm Beach for "Black Magic Touch," the first single from its forthcoming album, Perfect Breakfast. Regular New Times contributor Ian Witlen is filming the clip and has posted some details about how to get involved. Among the costume requirements: "carnival or circus sideshow themed" clothing. Certainly Jordy, Dave, and Jeff could all tame the lions.

Crew and band - 9 a.m.
Extras - 10 a.m.

*IMPORTANT: If you are in the video, be prepared to sign a model release in case the video is ever shown on TV.

I need all extras to bring a few outfits for wardrobe changes. Outfits needed:
1) Everyday clothing: not too plain, but not too dressy... think fashionable party attire.
2) Semi formal attire: preferably vintage / retro or dated looking.
3)Casual attire: preferably vintage / retro or dated looking.
4) *Outrageous outfit: Think carnival or circus sideshow themed. Old ripped or torn clothing may work for this as well.


bring some snacks and something to drink, as this will be a long day of

shooting and the studio temperature will go up as the day progresses.

There will be some light snacks and drinks provided.

Find out the location and answer all questions about the shoot by contacting Ian Witlen: [email protected]

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