Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour: Why We're Psyched

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There's no telling us otherwise -- the Beach Boys kicked some Grammy ass last weekend. With Brian Wilson back, they sang a pretty undeniably solid "Good Vibrations." The band is together again, and not just for the Night of Giving Awards to Adele but for a 50th anniversary tour.

The last time we saw the band perform was at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on South Beach with John Stamos. They were great, don't us wrong, but the lack of Wilson was sad, and the addition of Uncle Jesse was a little cheesy. Like hot melted cheese cheesy, but still, not so cool.

Luckily, they've cut Stamos, brought back Wilson, and we're totally psyched to see them this spring. What follows is a list of why we're superexcited about the Beach Boys' reunion.

Brian Wilson: He's baaack!

Sure he's unstable, but who likes stable? Sanity tends to make talented people create lame music and gets you stuck in boring conversations. Brian Wilson may have been a little too insane for a while there, but the man is back. How could you not go nuts over someone who wrote these lyrics with chomping sounds in the background:

I'm gonna be 'round my vegetables.
I'm gonna chow down my vegetables.
I love you most of all, my favorite vegetables.


Harmonizing Rules
The best harmonizing is done by family members. The sounds produced are the most attractive to the ears of man and womankind. This isn't a fact, rather something someone told us once, but it just feels so true. The Beach Boys had all of that. Three brothers and a cousin. You can beat that only with another brother. 

Sure two of the Wilson brothers are gone from this world, but the Beach Boys still know how to make us swoon with their old-man voices, doing it all at once.

They Make You Romantical
Quintessential beach songs are most appropriately played by the beach. Luckily, we've got some beach right here, and some nice beaches too. No other band can make us weep as frequently as these guys do with their tunes. They make you want to get married at 17, have a baby by 20, and get divorces and remarried before you turn 35. Who doesn't want to be someone's surfer girl? 

Old Guys Jamming
Many old-guy bands fell off the map or stayed together for too long playing their former hits or just kept making music that progressively failed over the years. You guys know who you are. The Beach Boys kind of stuck around with the old jams, but now, with the return of Brian Wilson on their 50th anniversary, it's like they're reborn.

No John Stamos?
This is both a good and bad thing. John Stamos is one of the most attractive men ever, so no one really complains when he gets onstage with the Beach Boys. They just drool. Even when he was ruining Beach Boys songs on Full House, we still didn't listen; we just watched. We'll be sad that the man eye candy won't be onstage this time around, but at least then we'll be able to focus on the music.

Catch the Beach Boys on May 4 at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. For all tour dates, click here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.