Beach Day Head on Tour, Not Looking Forward to "Weird-Ass Hotel Rooms"

Hollywood trio Beach Day has the sunny sound, unpretentious charm, and just the right amount of Hollyweirdness to keep our ears perked for anything it puts out. While the South Florida-native surf rockers have released only a handful of tunes -- a few on Brooklyn imprint Kanine Records -- their 1960s garage vibes have been making a buzz in the blogosphere and on the festival circuits since the group came together in 2011. 

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With a full-length record set to come out this June and an East Coast tour, including stops in Nashville and SXSW, just under way, it looks like the fun-loving group is poised to join the ranks of road-bound fellow chilled-out Florida rockers making names for themselves while repping their hometowns. 

In anticipation of a show with Miami indie group Deaf Poets at West Palm's Respectable Street, singer Kimmy Drake took a timeout to talk with us about the upcoming tour, Hollyweird hangouts, local music, and bikinis.

New Times: Your song "Beach Day" was just featured in a Victoria's Secret swimsuit campaign video. How did that come about, and what was the extent of your involvement?

Kimmy Drake: Our involvement was no involvement. Victoria's Secret or their ad agency contacted our label. That's how it happened! 

Any chance we'll see some bikinis at the upcoming show at Respectable Street?

I don't know!! Let's hope so!!

You kicked off your tour on the 15th with a show at Gramps in Miami. Where are you headed next and what are you looking forward to most about touring? What are you looking forward to the least?

Well, first we're headed on a little mini tour to Orlando, St. Pete, then to Savannah, Georgia, for the Savannah Stopover Music Festival. Then of course we're headed to SXSW on March 13th. When we get back from SXSW, we'll have like a week at home before our actual tour starts on March 25th in Nashville with Broncho. We've got a long run of dates with them up the East Coast. 

After that, we're hooking up with Chains of Love and heading out to the West Coast. Then we'll have 3 days to get to Chicago and hook up with the He's My Brother She's My Sister tour. We'll be back home from all those shenanigans on May 12th.

Really looking forward to all of the crazy adventures and people we'll meet! I guess the thing I'm looking forward to the least is missing my little kitties. And all the weird-ass hotel rooms.

I read you like to bike around Hollyweird together -- what are some of your fav pit stops and neighborhood hangouts? Do you get inspiration from your hometown?

Yeah, we bike all over this place! Our fave Hollywood hangouts are definitely Hollywood Beach. I love the boardwalk, Smoothie Palace, Monday Night Food Trucks on Young Circle is awesome!! PRL is great.

We definitely get inspiration from all of the freaks and old people around here. They don't call it Hollyweird cause it's normal!

Three favorite local bands right now?

My three fave local bands in no specific order are the Cost, Heartline Fits, Honey Train or anything Davis is up to now. I think Honey Train broke up which bums me out. 

The Cost is so awesome. They blow me away every time I see them. Heartline Fits is like controlled rock and roll chaos. I love them. We're playing their last show with them this Sunday the 24th in Pompano. Gonna really miss that band! 

Honey Train was fantastic. I'm into a lot of Orlando/St. Pete bands lately. I just discovered this band called Archaic Interest. They're really, really great. We're playing with them and this other really great band Jensen Serf Company in St. Pete on March 8th. And Girls On the Beach are one of our favorite bands in Florida. We just love those guys! And Wet Nurse is fantastic. We're playing with both of them on march 7th in Orlando. OK I'll stop now! (laughs) I could go on!

What's next for Beach Day -- EP, album, music videos?

Our first full length record is coming out in June. So look out for that. Up next, we're releasing a new single in the next few weeks called "Boys". We shot a video for "Boys" with one of our favorite local directors Michael Ruiz-Unger of Merely Human Studios. We're really excited about releasing that in the next few weeks.

Beach Day with Deaf Poets, 9 p.m. Thursday, February 28, at Respectable Street's Flaunt, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. 

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