Beach Day Releases New Song on Kanine Records "Walking on the Streets"

Beach Day is set on taking the city of Hollywood out of wrinkly geriatric paws and passing it over to the smooth surf-obsessed hands of youth. 

The Hollywood trio aren't really old-people-haters, they're actually really awesome people who like to have a good time. They're pumping out catchy, romantic rock and roll that bubbie or abuela will enjoy as much as any ol' cool kid. 

The band just released a new, clear yellow 7" on Kanine Records. It premiered on Filter Magazine, who said the '60 girl-group inspired jam made them weep. Pretty dramatic if ya ask us. It just made us want to dance about the room. 

Keep on clicking to hear their newest release and pull out either a tissue or your best swaying arms, depending on your mood. 

Pick up your very own Beach Day vinyl at Radio-Active Records, 845 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. 

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