Beach Day Set to Release New Album, Performs in Hollywood Saturday

This Saturday night, locals'll get a rare opportunity to witness Hollywood's own trebled-out surf rockers Beach Day in their own element. The trio will be performing in their hometown at the ArtsPark in Downtown Hollywood, the first time the band has taken the stage at this unique venue, according to Beach Day's lead gal, Kimmy Drake.

The trio will be joined by Old You, a soulful, Southern-fried alt outfit from Charleston. And the concert is totally free. Seems like a win win in our book.

It had been awhile since we'd heard any news from Beach Day, so we caught up with the engaging Miss Drake to see what was up.

As it turns out, the band just got back from Detroit where the three-piece waxed their second album in famed producer Jim Diamond's analog studio Ghetto Records. An analog sound compounded with Beach Day's Phil Spector-ish hue, seems to have all the trimmings of a classic record. Drake couldn't be more excited with the end result too, and tells us the album should be ready to roll out later this Spring.

The group also has a new single coming out on Record Store Day (April 19) available via a Kanine Records compilation titled Non Violent Femmes. Drake and her bandmates have been enjoying some downtime after their successful tour with punchy indie group the Thermals this past December.

About performing near their abode, the group couldn't be more excited. Believe it or not, this Saturday night marks the first time Beach Day has performed in downtown Hollywood at all. The only other local performance according to Drake took place on the Bandshell on Hollywood Beach. The ArtsPark venue serves as the epicenter of Hollywood's burgeoning arts scene. Drake tells us she's been impressed with the growth in Hollywood's art scene over the past few years, "There's a ton of new murals going up all the time."

And she still shares much love for Hollywierd too. "The circle is just supper rad, especially on Mondays, when the food trucks come out." Drake says she is still very happy to live in the Southern Broward town, which she says "is like a little beach oasis surrounded by crazy cities all around."

Watch Beach Day perform this Saturday with Old You Music at Hollywood ArtsPark, located at 1 Young Circle, Hollywood. Show starts at 8 p.m. and is totally free. More info here.

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