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Beat Masters Klever and A-Trak Kill It At Suite/Snatch


Tracy Block

A-Trak confirmed his incomparable spinning skills Thursday night at Suite, showing serious candidacy for best WMC set thus far.

Last Night: “Wish You Were Here” at Suite and Snatch

Better Than: A hot and fresh box of Krispy Kremes after blazing up a fatty.

Although the snooty door keepers denied existence of guest lists and turned away numbers outside Snatch and Suite Thursday night, a lucky sea of beat heads made it in to the clubs. Luckily enough, yours truly milked it and headed over to Snatch for the earlier part of the evening where Klever busted out jams for about an hour. Though the mix was ill, the company Snatch kept was nothing to brag about. I counted only a handful of people actually bobbing their heads, and the rest of the club-hoppers seemed like they didn’t necessarily get the memo about the WMC event. Ladies were dressed to the nines like it was any other Thursday night, not so much in true dance-till-you-can’t-stand-no-more attire. Little did they know Klever was making sweet love to the turntables with a mix of hip-hop, break beats, booty and a few house jams that rocked me and my boys’ socks off. Holding it down with a samples of Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins remixes pleased the handful of appreciators, but when the clock struck 2 a.m., it was time to head back over to Suite for probably what I would predict as the tastiest treat of WMC.

Suite’s main room was overflowing with fans, dance partiers and lovers of the art of spin for the one and only A-Trak. It’s no wonder this Canadian-based multi-award winning DJ is a renowned spin master. Cats of all cultures and backgrounds came together to kill it on the dance floor while A-Trak cranked out a sick amount of bass-heavy nastiness. The winner of the set were his loose hip-hop remixes, including the infamous Kanye’s “Stronger,” Weezy’s “Make It Rain” and Outkast’s “ATLiens,” just to name a few standouts. He also made damn well sure to pay tribute to the M-I-A- slapping on some ripe Pitbull and Khaled jams for the house to get down to. I’m also praising The Man for turning out some Biggie, Sugar Hill Gang and other fresh classics everybody was super down with. A-Trak definitely threw in a mix of old and new electro showcasing a smörgåsbord of all things music. The vibe was surreal, everybody came together to move their feet to the beat with no drama in sight. Brother brought down the motherfucking club with a near-three-hour set and even though I’m sure all our ears are paying for it, it doesn’t compare to the sheer euphoria of the night. “This is why we are here,” Tyler Molvig and Jack Botsford explained. In town from Colorado, these dudes were all business when paying ode to one funkafied individual... and most definitely left with a happy ending.

The inside scoop: A-Trak brought in so many folks to Suite, Snatch closed its doors early, canceling a few scheduled late-night sets. Can we say lame? --Tracy Block

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