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The Duchess

The Duchess is all over the place; she spins breaks, drum ’n’ bass, house, instrumental hip-hop, R&B, funk, disco, ’80s dance, progressive, and ambient. In addition to being a DJ (she also spins under the name DJ Mizz K), she’s an MC, recently signed with a local indie label called DMT3, and is in the process of recording her first album. What did you do today?

The Duchess started spinning about only two years ago, and she doesn’t own a turntable. Her practice comes when she gets behind the decks at a club. That might seem like a bad idea for many fledgling DJs, but the Duchess got the hang of it right quick. That’s why she now has regular gigs at clubs like Sonar in Hollywood and Lounge 16 in South Beach. “I’m just silly,” the 26-year-old says. “I’ll get up on stage to MC, sing, do different voices, tell jokes. Dance music has just gotten so serious as of late. Whatever I can do to get people smiling, having a good time... because then you go home and feel good.” — Audra Schroeder

Check out the Duchess at 10 p.m. Tuesday, October 26, at Club Sonar, 2006 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Call 954-920-8777. You can also catch her sets at

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