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Beat Street

Open Deck Wednesdays Hey, Mister DJ. MOZ challenges you to a duel. Do you accept?

Memo to aspiring DJs: You've annoyed the neighbors, neglected your significant other, and become a beat-matching, cross-fading, tone-tweaking legend in your own mind. Now you can share your so-called talent with the world. Every Wednesday during June is "open decks" night at downtown Hollywood's newest club, MOZ. Ringmaster Productions hosts this series of egalitarian electronica events, and each week, four wannabes will be given the opportunity to wow the masses with their mixing skills. Promoter James Echols issued this statement to local bedroom DJs: "Come throw down and let South Florida see what you're made of." DJs who really rock the house may be asked to join the Ringmaster roster, and a prime-time slot at the planned Jive Turkey dance music festival in November is a possibility too. All genres are welcome, so whether you want to pump up the jams, spin sugar, or rock steady inna dub stylee, bring it on. -- John Landers

DJs should bring their own headphones and supportive friends to MOZ Bistro and Lounge (2333 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood) by 9:30 p.m. Admission is free. For rules, time slots, and other good stuff, visit, or call 954-929-1566.

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