Beatriz Monteavaro and Priya Ray Curate Echos Myron Exhibition with Art by Musicians

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"Ouroboros" - Beatriz Monteavaro at Emerson Dorsch

New Times: Let's discuss first how you two decided on doing this project.

Beatriz: This was originally a show Priya was putting together a few years ago with a mostly '90s scene angle. She was not able to secure a space at that time. The opportunity to curate a show was presented to me by Jane, and the only thing I wanted to curate was something like what Priya wanted to do a while back. So I asked her if she'd want to co-curate it with me.

What is the particular reason of the show's title? What is it about a 20 year old Guided By Voices song that encompasses the idea of musicians and visual artists and musicians who are also visual artists exhibiting together?

Priya: That's a question I'll leave for Betty because she decided on the name. I believe she chose that song because it describes the excitement or energy that exists when music and art is created from a world of passion rather than the consumption.

Beatriz: An echo is a repeated reflected sound. Myron was a Greek bronze sculptor.

Do you both agree that there is an intrinsic link between the two disciplines?

Beatriz: Absolutely

Priya: I believe there is an intrinsic connection between all forms of expression. Music, art, architecture, even engineering. I believe that the connection is human expression and it can come in all sizes and shapes and is not only limited to music and art.

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