Beatriz Monteavaro and Priya Ray Curate Echos Myron Exhibition with Art by Musicians

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Kreamy 'Lectric Santa

When putting this show together, was it a bit of a revelation to have such a large pool of participants to approach within South Florida?

Beatriz: Priya was more familiar with the old-school participants. I was more familiar with who was working within both languages nowadays. I definitely am surprised at the amount of people in the show.

Priya: South Florida has always had a large scene of art and music that has existed. If we were to go further back than the '90s, I believe that number could be much larger.

How does music affect your art and vice versa?

Beatriz: It's probably mostly the problem solving aspect and the desire for things to be "right." "If it's right you can tell" from the song.

Priya: For me it's not really. They are two separate things. The band is definitely a collaborative effort whereas my art is purely about my vision. That's how it is for me. I cannot speak for the others.

Many of the artists who'll be in the show have been longtime friends of yours and by that I mean that they've been artists well before South Florida became the art Mecca that it is now. What are your thoughts on the development of South Florida's artistic profile?

Priya: I am a firm believer in that money and creativity is never a good combination. When money is in the picture I feel it's like dangling a carrot in front of a horse. Once the money is dangling it changes that moment of creativity from something you do out of purely creating to something that is driven by making money. Though Miami has become a "Mecca" now, it seems the mighty dollar is what is the driving force rather than the passion.

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