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"Original" Beerfest

Beerfest 2013: How to Party with Modernage, Beat Machines, the Hongs, and More!

A wise man once said, "Ain't no party like a New Times party 'cause a New Times party don't stop."

But what accounts for this seemingly infinite production of decadent raging and overindulgence? In other words, why are our parties so awesome?

The two-pronged answer is part of a longstanding tradition of histrionic revelry dating back to the Socratic orgies of Ancient Greece: Dank food and even danker booze.

Killer tunes don't hurt either.

Lucky for you, us, and everybody in South Florida with an invested interest in getting lit on the cheap, New Times' next nuclear meltdown-style soiree, Beerfest 2013, has got all three.

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We recommend checking out the 16th Annual New Times Beerfest extremely thorough official website to help you figure out which wholesale hooch payment plan is best for you and the other functional alcoholics that comprise your entourage.

Here's County Grind's guide to the sounds of the festival of beer.


Straddling the line between '90s alternative and early-aughts indie rock, Modenage is one of South Florida's longest running outfits. Last year, the group released their first single in four years, "It's Never Easy," and has been on a prolific songwriting kick ever since. You can be sure they will be bringing that snowballing momentum to Beerfest.

Beat Machines

Can the 954 get down with 305 sounds? Survey says: Yes! Featuring Afrobeta's Tony Smurphio, Beat Machines are like the Dr. Frankenstein of Miami party music, sewing together choice components of EDM, pop music, and riddims from all over the globe to build a party monster than could ever be imagined.

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