Beerfest Adds Dirty Dozen Brass Band as Musical Headliner

Your tongues are all wagging in anticipation of the upcoming New Times Broward Palm Beach Beerfest. The bubbles will feel oh, so good tickling your throat as you sample 100 beers. Well, hopefully not all 100 beers, but potentially 100 beers.

Luckily, your ears will be ticked as well. New Orleans' soulful jazz favorites Dirty Dozen Brass Band have signed on as the Beerfest headliners. This funky group has brought The Big Easy much happiness and dance time since the 1970s.  

The festival coincides with the college basketball semi-final championship -- which will be broadcasted on JumboTrons at Beerfest -- taking place, where else but, New Orleans. Fitting, don't you think? 

The band will bring the festive atmosphere with their incredible instrumentation and lively jams. They are guaranteed to get the crowd on their feet. And the beer, well, that's guaranteed to knock the crowd back on their bottoms. 

This year marks the 15th annual Beerfest. What better way to celebrate its quinceanera than with this lovely combo of brass, beer, and basketball? BX Beer Depot is making a special 15 year anniversary brew in honor of the New Times. Very special, indeed. 

The festivities take place at Huizenga Plaza in Downtown Fort Lauderdale (32 East Las Olas Boulevard) on March 31 from 6 to 11 p.m. Tickets cost $30 before the event, and $40 at the door. There will actually be over 100 beers to sample and if you decide to go VIP ($65 pre-paid, $75 at the door), you will have access to special craft beers the others won't. Click here for tickets.

You'll have fun either way. 

Watch Dirty Dozen Brass Band on PBS. See more from On Canvas.

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