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Best Concerts of 2012: Blondie at Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, and Adam Ant at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek; A New Wave Tie


2012 certainly brought a bevy of class gigs to the tri-county area, but upon reflection, the ones that stood out the most did so for reasons like honesty, longevity, and nostalgia. Not that nostalgia is necessarily a bad thing, but it would be downright criminal to pass up a pair of New Wave acts packing it for fans and doing it with enough gusto and chutzpah that was equal parts nods to the established classics and their newer material.

For Blondie, the choice was easy. 

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Adam Ant has certainly had his fair share of troubles since his Adam and the Ants days. Bouts of personal demons are not strange for "geniuses" per se, and while we are hesitant to brand anyone any titling close in rank with the Einsteins of the world, it is certain that the music he made thirty-odd years ago still holds. 

Even the newer material carries the man's pop sensibilities and as noted by the raging crowd of middle-aged women who constantly declared their love for him, those sensibilities forge on at a hormonal speed. It could even be ventured to say that the old songs sounded better with his new backing band.

For anyone ever hesitant to catch one of their beloved "older" acts gracing a South Florida stage, I posit these two shows as proof positive that some of them, at least, can still rock like it's 1982.

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