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Best Live Band: The Dewars

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West Palm Beach's western community is home to the best twins since Aphex Twin, the Dewars.

None are more deserving of the coveted Best Live Band award, as was demonstrated by one particular performance.

In passing, the February 25 show itself seemed lackluster at best. Yes, The Dewars were playing and they were always good, but the atmosphere felt limp. Very few people were present and the promoters had begun to try and hustle passers-by into attending. Inside, less than ten people sat at the bar making smalltalk while ordering a drink every so often.

As they began to set up their equipment, Anthony and Zachary could be seen speaking urgently to each other in hushed tones as they darted in and out of the building. When they finished, the pulled out a small duffel bag and began to pull a few articles of clothing out of it. This was the result:

The two had bought a quadruple-X T-shirt and managed to squeeze themselves into it. They had also found the largest pair of sweatpants available and stood in each pantleg. While the getup was funny, what followed was mind-blowing.

They played an entire set while sharing a single guitar. Zachary strummed while Anthony worked the strings. They had coordinated their movements with surprising accuracy and it sounded excellent, as if done by a single body. Technically, it was a "single body" as the two had referred to themselves as siamese twins.

The two of them had, at one point, been a single entity, being identical twins and all. Perhaps this was some kind genetically recalled longing to be one again. They spoke about practicing to play this way for shows in the future. Godspeed, Dewar twins.

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Ryan Burk