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Best Local Albums of 2010, #4: The Jameses - "The Haunted Rider"/"Rat People"

County Grind is counting down the best local albums in South Florida. Monitor our progress here.

Holding the Jameses' first release in your hand is to understand

near-perfection. The killer cover art, the equally haunting tracks on

both sides. It is, dare we say, poised. Of the trio's two murky,

slow-moving melodies, "The Haunted Rider" and its accompanying organ is

more creep and drone, more like its title. The lo-fi sound keeps veering

into the pop realm, and its clever instrumentation doesn't hide the

parts that make you want to tap your feet.

That said, we declare "Rat People" our favorite of all, because it's a lyrical road trip (to "East L.A." and "F.L.A.") and the best kind of light juxtaposition to the A-side. You can buy the record on iTunes, but it's better to

get it from the men themselves at one of their shows, after you've heard

the warped organ and vocals in their proper splendor.

Top Track: "Rat People"

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