Best Local Albums of 2010, #6: Beings - Beings

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Beings' self-titled debut CD/LP is an impressive achievement.

Elements of punk-rock, shoegaze and heavy ass rock blend together to

create a classic and catchy album for the ADD generation. The record is

brutal, abrasive and gratifying all in the same breath. From the cavernous opening of

"Naysayer" all the way through the epic closing

track "Fire Goddess," these eight songs take the listener on a

schizophrenic and psychedelic trip.

With a work ethic centered around brainstorming and everything goes experimentation, Miami's Ivan Marchena, Mike Nela and Betty Monteavaro write songs with more movements and melody than a Brahms composition. Engineer Jonathan Nunez (Torche bassist) managed to capture the intensity and chaotic precision perfectly; the drums are heavy and booming, the bass is melodic and driving, the vocals are urgent and borderline taunting, and the guitars are from outer space.

The track "Zombie," opens with the entire band playing a rhythm that sounds like an army of cavemen on amphetamines clubbing a wooly mammoth to oblivion, 11 seconds later Ivan Marchena's vocals take over and the band has left the Paleolithic era and rocketed into the Jet-age. Near the end of the song (at the 0:47 mark) the Beings spaceship is in Deep Space Nine sending a desperate message home -- with no time to spare, they crash land on Earth, unscathed.

Top Track: "Zombie"

Beings - Zombie by countygrind

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