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Best Local Albums of 2010, #8: The Dewars -- Songs From the Neverglades EP

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The Dewars' six-song EP, Songs From the Neverglades, is one of the most off-center offerings we heard this year, but we would not change one bizarre-o minute of it. Ranging from the breezy freak-folk heard on "Strange Change," to the demented wobble-rap-versed funk of "Playground Mediasma," this collection of askew songs from the twin brother-fronted outfit proved to be a dark-humored, multitrack splendor.

With their matching vintage glasses and clashing wardrobes,

Anthony and Zachary Dewar might come off as local Proclaimers.

But where the latter Scottish duo chanted songs about love and

politics, our own West Palm Beach oddballs tend to favor more

uncomfortable subjects: endearing pedophiles ("Pedophile Pete") or

jolly tunes about Armageddon ("If the World Was Gonna End Today").


Dewars masterfully hone in on Leonard Cohen's idiosyncratic high

baritone and channel Syd Barrett's lyrical wanderlust as well, while

demonstrating an unabashed adoration for '60s pop that would pair it nicely with Elephant 6 bands like the Olivia Tremor Control or Neutral

Milk Hotel. "The Noise Boys" is the group's pièce de résistance, beginning

with phantasmagoric whisperings that crescendo into the refrain, "Keep

down the noise boys"; it is the ultimate battle cry for bands having to

deal with pesky neighbors.

Top Track: "The Noise Boys"

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Alex Rendon