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Best Local Albums of 2010, #9: Shroud Eater - Shroud Eater EP

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While the release of the band's full-length debut ThunderNoise won't drop until January, we'd be remiss to ignore the moody three-song EP by the heavy-rockin', dirty riffin' grrrls of Shroud Eater. (Sure, drummer Felipe Torres is a dude, but we'll deal.)

Formerly known as the Righteous Devices, as Shroud Eater the band has

become a favorite among tri-county area stoner types. This self-titled

and mostly instrumental EP turns out slowed-down, down-tuned gritty rock

that incorporates psych-y guitars, more-techy metal compositions, and

punk influences a la Jesus Lizard or Kylesa.

Vocalist and guitarist Jeannie Saiz's gravelly larynx churns out beastly

rasps -- estrogen does wonders in maintaining a frequency that

precludes that wholly annoying and clichéd demon growl -- and Torres'

drums are full-frontal and seamless, giving a bit of order to the

furious grooves Saiz and bassist Janette Valentine lay down. Oh, and did

I mention it's mixed by Torche bassist Jonathan Nunez? If the

full-length keeps up the momentum, despite a cold South Florida January,

we'll have some uncompromising and fearsomely heavy face-melting to

deal with.

Top Track: "We Are Beasts"

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