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Best Male Rock Vocalist Mike Mineo Announces Dates for Upcoming Solo Tour

Local eclectic, eccentric, soulful tune dude Mike Mineo has announced the dates for his upcoming solo tour up to NYC and back. Mineo, who was recently named New Times Best Male Vocalist 2010, will be playing intimate cafes and coffee shops all the way up and back down the coast on what he has dubbed "The 'Cranked on Coffee Solo Tour to the Big Apple' aka 'The Murder Me Mystery Tour' aka 'What Happens in New York Stays With You Tour'."

The tour will be "sort of a pre-tour tour before the 3 month National Tour kicks off with the Mike Mineo Trio August 17th. Both tours are geared towards the promotion of the recently released debut album 'Eccentricity'."

Here are the dates:

7/5 Orlando, FL - Natura @ 7pm

7/6 Jacksonville, FL - Five Points Coffe and Spice @ 7pm

7/7 Asheville, NC - Busking in the guidance of Sir Zaq

7/8 Washington DC - TBA

7/9 Philadelphia, PA - The Raven Lounge @ 5pm

7/14 Brooklyn, NY - Spike Hill @ 12am

7/17 New York City - Club Groove @ 7:30 pm

7/22 New York City - The National Underground @ 10:30pm

7/23 Philadelphia, PA - The Raven Lounge @ 8pm

7/24 Richmond, VA - TBA

7/25 - Asheville, NC - TBA

7/26 - Athens, GA -TBA

7/27 - Savannah, GA - TBA

7/30 Jacksonville, FL - Five Points Coffee and Spice @ 9pm

7/31 Gainesville, FL - TBA

8/1 Orlando, FL - TBA

More dates TBA

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