Best of New Times Broward-Palm Beach 2010 Is Live, and It's a Masterpiece

Considerable excitement in these cluttered, whiskey-stained cubicles today as we present the Best of Broward-Palm Beach, the 2010 edition. Our music experts slaved especially hard and even took up typing to bring you a dedicated snapshot of what's happening in Broward and Palm Beach counties' music scene, and we're having a hard time cursing when it comes down to how proud we are. Another guy who has an impossible time keeping f-bombs from escaping his lips is Clarence Reid, who just happens to be this year's recipient of Best Soul Artist.

Below, we have Reid's essential song "Masterpiece," which is far less dirty than you'd imagine based upon his recordings as Blowfly.

Get the rest of the Best of Music 2010 right here, and we'll highlight some more of our picks -- we think Surfer Blood won something too -- throughout the week.

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