Between the Trees Tops Indie Rock Showcase at the Talent Farm

Formed in 2005 in Orlando, Between the Trees has risen steadily through two acclaimed releases and additions and deletions of personnel. Always centered on the well-gelled trio of Ryan Kirkland on vocals, guitar and keys and brothers Josh and Jeremy Butler on drums and bass, respectively, their latest effort, Spain, is a mature and developed piece of indie rock with subtle hints of pop-punk and late '90s alternative.

It's also kinda hard to not like these guys given their involvement with and support of the nonprofit organization To Write Love on Her Arms that deals with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. It goes hand-in-hand with their maturity levels, though, since you can't dismiss them as easily as the current crop of cookie-cutter indie acts that clog the airwaves with nothing to say.

On stage for this matinee show will be similar acts of note like California's rebellious literary types Goodnight Caulfield and the hypercolor dance punk of Vega Under Fire. Fort Lauderdale's own Count Me In and the New City Lions round out the schedule for this early show. Make sure to bring plenty of merch money, because all of these acts boast some type of new release or another, and we all know that for touring acts, merch money comes in real handy.

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Abel Folgar