Beyonce: How Pregnant Is She, Really? (UPDATE: Probably Very!)

UPDATE: E! is reporting that Beyonce is indeed knocked up! Bey and Jay's reps aren't saying, but it's looking more and more like there's another baby Carter on the way.

Can anybody confirm or deny -- definitively and with stern conviction -- whether or not Beyoncé Knowles and hubby-slash-rap music megastar mogul, Jay-Z, are having another kid?

Ever since B. told Oprah she was once more itchin' to procreate -- the couple welcomed their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, in 2012 -- the Internet has been monitoring her every last move in anticipation of the slightest sign that the pop R&B siren's eggs are, in fact, fertilized.

And now the content-starved masses may finally have the smoking gun that proves once and for all that Bey is with child.

Or do they?!

Baby bump or bad angle?

Following a concert cancelled due to "dehydration" and "exhaustion," and some suggestive photographs of Beyoncé at the recent Met Gala (p.s. the suggestion was pregnancy), the New York Post's Page Six initiated a formal baby bump watch.

The official statement from the Carter camp is that B. is awaiting word from her doctors about whether or not her tour will proceed. And hopefully these medical professionals make the matter a little less ambiguous, because whether or not Beyoncé is pregnant is quickly becoming the new "Is Lil' Wayne dying or not?"

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