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Big K.R.I.T. - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - August 11

Big K.R.I.T.
Featuring Big Sant and Tito Lopez
Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, August 11
Better than: Letting my subs blast Live From The Underground.

Mississippi's Big K.R.I.T. made quite an entrance at his Revolution Live performance this weekend. He let his presence be known by performing "Pull Up" and "My Sub (Pt. 2: The Jackin)" from his debut album, Live From The Underground, before making an unexpected departure from the stage.

After his brief exodus, trading in his white T-shirt for a new maroon one that read "RICH" in gold letters, K.R.I.T. returned, offering a smooth, melodic change of pace with a performance of "Moons and Stars." He then recited the words: "Groovy broads dress up as they choosin'. Down to do whatever before I ask them they name. They just want to know Krizzle can you sing?" As the beat went mute, the rapper answered himself by singing, "I say yes I can. Even with the highs and lows. Pull up in that old ride. Do it like a playa posed."

It's no secret Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, and K.R.I.T. share similar fans, so when K.R.I.T. asked the audience what they knew about Khalifa's Kush And Orange Juice it came as no surprise that fans of the project in attendance expressed elation once the beat of "Glass House" played and K.R.I.T. performed his verse.

After reciting the line, "What you mean you ain't nasty? Why the fuck you came," the DJ transitioned into K.R.I.T.'s latest single off his debut album, Live From The Underground, "What U Mean," minus the Ludacris feature.

Following up with "Money On The Floor" and "Turn This Into Something" (both meant to soundtrack two-for-one lap dances at King of Diamonds), the DJ played the "Friday Night Lights" Boobie Miles snippet that precedes "Hometown Hero." During the snippet, the rapper took time to dedicate the performance to the victims of the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shootings.

Continuing with the slower pace, K.R.I.T. carried on with fan favorite "The Vent." A couple lighters lit to the heartwarming track, fans started to sing along:

I know you been down so long, so I'll be stronger for you. I know you been down so long, 'cause I've been down too. Yes I understand what you're goin' through. Yes I understand, 'cause I'm goin' through it too.

Ending a hip-hop concert in an emotional state doesn't feel like the best decision. But all it took was for K.R.I.T. to ask the crowd, "Y'all know I'm a country motherfucker, right?" for the crowd to get their energy back up. They led the rapper into "Country Shit," and a female fan jumped on stage and was escorted off three times. Three times. 

After showing the female fan some recognition, while she was in the process of being shown the exit, K.R.I.T. wrapped up the night with partner-in-rhyme, Big Sant. Their performance of "I Got This" induced some crowd diving. A roller-coaster of tempos, the night was one of ups and downs.

Critic's Notebook:

Wish List: "Rotation," "Dreamin'," and "Children of the World."

Personal Bias: For the number of great songs he could have performed, the concert was too short.

I Spy: A woman at the end of the bar giving a standing lap dance.

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