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Big Time in Hollywood, FL Creators Talk About Teaming With Ben Stiller and "the Perfect Publix"

Five years ago, Dan Schimpf and Alex Anfanger were fresh out of New York University, living in Brooklyn, trying to break into film. They wrote a script -- a television show about two guys trying to make it as filmmakers -- but no one read it. So they started making YouTube videos to garner attention.

Fast-forward. Big Time in Hollywood, FL, their new show for Comedy Central, will premiere in March. It centers around two half-wits making short films to post on YouTube with the goal of making it huge.

"We wrote the pilot for this show in 2010, 2011," Schimpf said last week during a three-way phone interview with both writers. "We were sending it out and found that nobody read it and nobody cared. That spurred on the idea that we should make something to put online in the hope people could find us."

The duo created the web series Next Time on Lonny, five-minute videos that purport to be previews for the next episode of a show called Lonny. The series got some attention -- notably, from someone at Ben Stiller's production company, Red Hour, who passed it on to Stiller, who loved it.

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