Big Trouble/Little Munich Tomorrow: Love Handles, The Dewars, Xela Zaid, and More

Friday night's Big Trouble/Little Munich show - which happens the last

Friday of every month at German pub Little Munich (806 Lake Ave., Lake Worth), courtesy

of the "Lake Worth Village Green Preservation Society" - has been

veiled in a cloud of mystery. That is, two flyers have been posted up

with different details. A phone call with the restaurant's owners to

get some more info revealed them to be the cutest, most

adorably-accented couple ever. "I do not know at all who plays," the

wife said. "They are coming in every month and I do not know this.

You call back tomorrow?"

It seems, however, that the line-up confusion

has been cleared up and it is definitely going to get weird: Garage

mainstays Love Handles, Xela Zaid's psychedelic, sometimes-acoustic messages from space, the Dewars' bluesy, dreamy tales of pedophiles and the apocalypse, and one-man Miami act the Noumena,

whose experimental piano-accented tracks are legitimately creepy (and

pretty). No word on who or what the Ecto Cooler Discoteque Ensemble is

but the best thing to do is find out and get freaked out yourself.

There's food!

Love Handles. With Xela Zaid, the Dewars, and the Noumena. 9p.m., Friday, May 28. Little Munich, 806 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth

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Monica Uszerowicz