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Bill Maher on Upcoming Presidential Election: "There's Obama and There Are the People from the Mental Patient Party"

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And I know you don't believe in God, but you don't think maybe this is God's wrath on Republicans? Nature's wrath?

This is really a question for Pat Robertson. He believes that God sends hurricanes to, for example, punish the Disney people for having a gay day at their amusement park. So, I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If this is where the hurricane is hitting when the Republicans are in town, how can we ignore such an obvious sign from the deity?

But you just think it's coincidence.

(Laughs) Of course, it's coincidence!

Are you going to be in town?

I will be in Tampa. The Republicans get out of Tampa, I think their convention ends on the 30th, and I'm there two days later, on the first. I mean we did this on purpose.

That's good timing. But you're not going to the convention itself?

No, I have to do a show here in L.A. My show is in production. So, we will do a show on the 31st, and then I will get on a plane and go to Tampa.

Florida's such a weird place, so there'll be so much to talk about. You heard about the face eating zombie? Do you have any commentary on how people have been eating other people lately?

I am against it. I am strongly against people eating other people's faces. I don't care who knows it. I'm on the record for this. I've always been against it. (Pauses) No, but I do think it's been a comment on our hard economic times.

Speaking of news this week, Todd Akin with the legitimate rape thing. Do you think he actually believes that or do you think it's just an anti-abortion thing.

I think he actually believes it. He's not the only one. It's actually a common belief on the fringes of the pro-life movement. And he's not the first one to say it. We've got hold of a number of people in assemblies, state representatives, who over the years have made similar comments. They believe the woman emits a mythical vaginal secretion during rape to stop it.

And this is what I mean when I say religion is a mental illness. It corrodes your way of thinking. I mean, this is a guy from the suburbs of Saint Louis. He's not from Mississippi or Alabama or someplace where you think, oh, those people are hicks. I think Saint Louis is a pretty modern city. And this guy gets elected over and over by large majorities. I think people in America really need to take a hard look at the Republican party.

I said the other day, and said, it's this kind of thing that gives me a good answer when people say, "Obama's so far from perfect. Why'd you give him a million bucks?" Because there's only two choices in America. There's Obama and there are the people from the mental patient party.

This isn't necessarily PC, but I don't think America's ready to vote in a Mormon president. Do you feel like maybe it's possible to have a Mormon president voted in over reelecting Obama?

I think anyone who's concerned about things like Mormonism are the same people who are concerned with "black" and if they need to choose, people will choose Mormon over black every time.

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