Billy Joel's Vendetta Yacht for Sale in Fort Lauderdale

Even if "Just the Way You Are" suggests a level acceptance in his life, Billy Joel's less than sunny relationships with music critics, wives, and traffic laws has given him every right to have a vendetta or two. However, one of his vendettas -- a 57-foot yacht, to be exact -- will no longer be floating down the river of dreams. The asking price for Vendetta, a piece of Joel luxury lore, is a mere $1,950,000.

According to Eric Barton's report at the Juice, this purchase price is actually 50k less than what Joel paid for the vessel new back in 2005 -- and gorgeous things like this owned by famous people tend to appreciate in value, so this is probably a steal.

Anyone ready to make Joel a serious offer should probably read Timothy K. Smith's lengthy Fortune article about the boat, which apparently takes inspiration from crafts "that evolved for some purpose other than getting their owners laid." Then again, he couldn't tell the ladies, "I bought this boat from Billy Joel."

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