Björk Reteams With Michel Gondry for Video Starring Marker, Eraser, and Clapboard

Björk managed to stun her legions of adoring fans today when she posted an image on her official Facebook page (pictured on the right) of a clapper board with the name of her newest single "Crystalline," which will be included on her new full-length album Biophilia, due out later this summer. It also bears director Michel Gondry's name. Next to it lies a red marker with a bundle of tape wrapped around the end and an eraser.

As you may already know, Björk and Gondry have a long history of making music videos together -- having worked on "Bachelorette," "Hyperballad,"and "Declare Independence," to name a few. All of which have gone beyond the norm of what is usually presented as a music video. No two are ever the same and this one proves to be no exception.

Gondry, who is known for his quirky, childlike take on directing, stuns us with what will inevitably be three-and-a-half minutes of this scene with some flashing lights and yarn thrown in for good measure. As shown recently on Hipster Runoff, Björk, like her native homeland, has fallen into something of a budget crisis, which is fine considering the arts-and-crafts approach of Gondry's videos.

The video shown below will help to give some insight into the duo's creative process, which is reminiscent of a first-grade classroom:

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Ryan Burk