Black Eyed Peas' Final Concert at Sun Life Stadium

The music industry is a fickle one, especially when it comes to pop music. So for a group like Black Eyed Peas -- who have been together for over a decade -- to go from an underground L.A. hip hop group to world renown musical heavy hitters is quite an honorary feat.

But, like all other things in the world, everything has to come to an end or as Black Eyed Peas are calling it: "an indefinite hiatus." Fergie is going to use her extra time to start a family, and is heading back to his solo career with a new single featuring Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez and our exclusive interview with Taboo proves that he's going to be plenty busy too.

The Black Eyed Peas have never been a group to do something on a mediocre level. So when they announced that its last show will be at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, we got a feeling (pun intended?) they wouldn't be going at it quietly. Slated to join the Peas in celebrating is Cee Lo Green, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Sean Kingston, and fellow Miami Dolphins partner Marc Anthony. Apparently these aren't the only special guests on the roster for the night, so while we anxiously await the final list, here's some performers we'd like to see. 

1. Gloria Estefan

There is no doubt that Gloria is an obvious choice, but come on, how could we leave her out? She is one of the Miami Dolphins partners and is practically the face of Miami music culture. Also, we know she's got what it takes to woo a stadium sized crowd. Remember back in '92, she performed at the Super Bowl halftime show a little over a year after that terrible tour bus accident.

2. Macy Gray
Back in the earlier days of BEP -- before Fergie existed -- the trio put out the single "Request + Line" off sophomore album, Bridging the Gap. The single features the raspy voice of female R&B and soul singer Macy Gray. Wouldn't it be nice and oh so nostalgic if the group brought Macy on stage to perform the single one last time? 

3. Rick Ross

Plain and simple, what kind of Miami party would it be without Rick Ross? Maybe he'll even throw an after after party for the Peas at King of Diamonds. Or maybe present them a gift from his comic book collection?

4. Sting
We know what you're thinking, "Sting? At a hip hop concert?" Well folks, it's time to brush up on your Black Eyed Peas trivia. As you may or may not know, the group sampled Sting's 1988 song "Englishman in New York" on the track "Union". In turn, Sting did a guest appearance on the single with a new set of lyrics.

5. Wild Orchid

Talk about a serious trip down musical memory lane. Another fun BEP fact, at one of the final Wild Orchid concerts, Fergie (aka Stacy Ferguson) met her future band mate Will.I.Am. It's not like the other two girls are up to much nowadays, so how about adding some more nostalgic charm to the event and hopping on stage for a few songs?

The Black Eyed Peas. With Cee Lo Green, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Sean Kingston, Marc Anthony, and more TBA. Wednesday, November 23, at Sun Life Stadium, 2269 NW 199 St., Miami Gardens. Tickets start at $25. Click here.

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Betsey Denberg