Black Eyed Peas' Adds Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger for "T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)"

The Black Eyed Peas haven't even begun their hiatus yet, but the ever-promotional mind of is still in overdrive. Does this guy sleep with a microphone taped to his face just in case he might snore something brilliant?

The timing of his debut single from his Twitter-ready solo album, #Willpower, couldn't be better, though. It'll be out Sunday, when he performs it with Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards -- or whenever it leaks on late Friday afternoon. This'll give us a couple of days to get acclimated, because you can bet that it'll figure heavily into the Black Eyed Peas' farewell show at Sun Life Stadium on Wednesday.

Even if the timing's good, the title is not. Will loves acronyms! But choosing an article of speech for a song title is a tad forced. So, we'll be hearing a lot of "T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)" featuring Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and Lopez (was Jeff Tweedy unavailable?) soon enough.

We can already imagine the awkward stage banter. "Are you ready to hear 'The' now?" "Uh, the what?" "Never mind. Here's a little song I wrote..."

Obviously Jennifer Lopez is swooping in to play the Fergie role in "T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)," which we certainly have now heard a tiny snippet of.

Stream: "T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)" [via Rap-Up]

With Stacy Ferguson heading off to make a child with hubby Josh Duhamel, Will still needs to have a lady voice to build up the chorus and maximize the impact. So what's Sir Mick doing on this one? We're stuck between a rock and a hard place on that score.

Maybe Will really digs the Superheavy album. We'll find out Sunday, and the #Willpower experience is expected in full in 2012.

Anyhow, they're gonna call it other things and come up with new acronyms to trick you, but there's no E.N.D. in sight for the Black Eyed Peas circus.

Black Eyed Peas.

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