Black Guayaba

This is what Ricky Martin would sound like if he had more hair on his chest. The name is Black Guayaba, and it's a Latin alternative-rock outfit from Puerto Rico that's funkier than rotten bananas but sweeter than Fiona Apple's lip gloss. At times, they sound like Stone Temple Pilots (if Scott Weiland stayed sober long enough to learn Spanish), which is a bit harder than most Spanish rock bands like Mana and Enanitos Verdes. Still, their sound has garnered enough attention and praise to get Black Guayaba two nominations at the 2007 Latin Grammy Awards. One nomination was for Best Group or Duo, the other for Best Latin Alternative Album for their debut, Lo Demas Es Plastico ("The Rest Is Plastic"). But don't think these guys are resting on their laurels. No Hay Espacio ("There's No Space"), Black Guayaba's follow-up album, was released just a few weeks ago. Since then, Black Guayaba has produced a music video for its first single, "Ayer," and now they're in Miami to promote the album with a concert. If you haven't heard the new disc yet, head to the Design District and check out Puerto Rican rock at its fiercest.

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Bryan Falla