Black Locust Society Kicks Off Florida Tour at Green Room on Aug. 22

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The local creative collective known as Black Locust Society is a household name on the South Florida scene. From their quarterly Swarm warehouse parties (voted Best Nightlife Event by NT) to a monthly happening at Five Points Lounge, to a scattering of other shows around town, BLS is constantly creating colorful noise and a bounty of fun days and nights. 

That was only the beginning though. Black Locust Society is prepped to take over the Sunshine State with a four-city hip-hop, beat heavy Florida "World" tour this week. 

On Wednesday night, Bleubird, Protoman, Astrea Corporation, Gaps, JabrJaw and DJ DeeDubs kick off their week on the road at Green Room, followed by a show at the Speakeasy Lounge in Lake Worth. Also joining them on the road is Lavola and the Goddamn Hustle, with a few other select surprises. 

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