Black Locust Society's End of the World SWARM Fundraiser at Green Room, Fort Lauderdale

We love Black Locust Society. Who else throws a free party as a fundraiser for


free party? Absolutely no one, that's who! 

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Help Black Locust Society Raise Funds for the End of the World; Bleubird, Protoman Give You Good Reason

And the impending "end of the world" has given the clique of MCs, DJs, and artists good reason to rally funds. Because we all know that when the world is ready to do whatever wild shit the Mayan calendar has marked off for it, Fort Lauderdale is going to die as it lived: Completely trashed and shaking its collective shit in a decorated warehouse. 

The fundraiser for their upcoming SWARM party brought the usual BLS hip-hop squad to the stage of Green Room, rounded out by the psych-blues shouts of the Casey Hopkins Duo, and the garage-party jump of the Gun Hoes. 

The event included: MC Gaps waking up his father via phone call to sing happy birthday mid-set, complete with a bar full of shouting voices backing him up, the Gun Hoes (now featuring a Jellyfish Brother on bass) killing it with a set of hyper-active garage rock, Casey Hopkins' completely devastating and fuzzy take on Zeppelin and Hendrix classics.
Ian Witlen

Then there was Astrea Corp bending time and space with its atmospheric R&B conjuring, and the inevitable final MC melee of Bleubird, Jabrjaw, Gaps, and Protoman (with unofficial hype man Ben "the Baptist" Baptiste) which managed to scare even Green Room's über-professional sound-system into a short circuit. 

Ian Witlen
Ian Witlen

Did merch sales and donations make enough money for the wild props and party swag we expect of BLS' doomsday Swarm finale? We really don't know. We do know, however, that the BLS takeover of Green Room was a great primer for the party of the apocalypse, and that the impending Swarm has a lot to live up to. 

Ian Witlen
Ian Witlen

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