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Black Lodge, Laser Wolf's New Witch House Night and Five Other Parties We'd Like to See Dedicated to Odd Sub-genres

Tonight is the launch of Laser Wolf's newest monthly Black Lodge (written with a triangle instead of an "A" and a crescent moon instead of an "O." Fancy, dark, deep.). This third Tuesday party focuses on darker and experimental musical genres, specifically, witch house. While showcasing this sub-genre may be the overall focus of the night, the secondary idea is to share records. Since the many Goths will spin their own records, it offers the night a meaningful and personal soundtrack. 

Witch house may seem like a strange hodge-podge of sounds, fusing house, Goth, and hip-hop. No doubt, an obscure musical genre to focus a night on. In the spirit of the nu-Goth launch tonight, we've compiled a list of five obscure and emerging sub-genres we'd like to see nights dedicated to (or against). 

5. Seapunk
On the heels of witch house, sea punk was created virtually overnight. Part '90s house music, part cheesy aquatic images ripped from the pages of a Lisa Frank sketchbook. The genre has gained some notoriety in the past year: Nicki Minaj with her now-signature bright green hair, Katy Perry sporting an occasional blue bob cut, and Azealia Banks crediting herself as a mermaid. On the Seapunk night, you disappoint your parents by dying your hair a faded, unattractive shade of blue or whip out your oldest, dustiest raver wig. 

4. Nintendocore
Also known as nerdcore, this sub-genre blends rock and metal with video game noises for a sugary and aggressive outcome. Guests will be encouraged to bring their Mario mustaches and mushroom chapeaus. 

3. Nu-metal/Rap Rock
Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Kid Rock brought all of this stuff to the forefront in the '90s, and for some reason it never went away. Lil Wayne tried to revive the sentiment, but thankfully, it didn't stick. Let's keep this night from happening. 

2. Brostep 
Americanized dubstep has gained the nickname brostep, but it's basically a blown up version of UK genre combined with groaning robot noises. The supposed father figure of brostep is a certain man we call Skrillex. Everyone shaves the side of their head to fit in at this getty. 

A night dedicated solely to stoner rock would be fab. But, it might never happen because everyone would be too focused on playing video games and mouthing their bongs at home to launch such an endeavor. We'd bring our vaporizers to this affair. 

Black Lodge at Laser Wolf at 9 p.m. tonight on July 17 at 901 Progresso Drive, Fort Lauderdale.

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