Black Weather Shaman is Back in Business Tonight at Propaganda

After a five-month long hiatus, Lake Worth swampy Americana troupe Black Weather Shaman reunites at Propaganda tonight. It's not like the group's bushy and tattooed frontman Cecil Lunsford has been kicking back all that time, though. Dude's been busy night in and night out keeping things thriving at the indie dive on J Street. He's got some big plans for the venue and in a short amount of time has already updated its website and added a varied selection of craft brews that we can guzzle down with ease.

About the gig, Lunsford tells us the guys will unveil four new

songs. Titled "Hotbox Negotiation," "Makeshift," "No Herod" and "Choich

Haus Hades," Lunsford says the songs will demonstrate the new shift in

sound for the four-piece -- from the voodoo slightly sinister brand of

folk to what he calls "Afro-Americana Analog electro." We haven't a clue

how all those disparate styles will come together on stage, but knowing

the quartet's previous penchant for performance spectacle, we are sure

it will be one to remember. Show gets underway at 9 p.m.

Black Weather Shaman with The Sweet Chariots, The Howling Winds and Heavy Boots.

9 p.m. Thursday April 7 at Propaganda 6 Sotuh J Street, Lake Worth. Tickets cost $5. Click here.

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