BlackBook Features Poplife Crew

Photo via BlackBook
Aramis Lorie, Barbara Basti and Jake Jefferson.
​We definitely take pride any time locals get national attention. So after BlackBook sat down with Aramis Lorie, Barbara Basti and Jake Jefferson -- better known as the people behind the Poplife brand -- we definitely feel like we're standing a bit taller.

The Q&A, written by freelancer John Hood (who also writes for us on occasion), doesn't exactly reveal anything the New Times hasn't written before about the crew, but its still a nice read and puts things into perspective on how influential the brand itself has become in Miami.

Don't believe us? Here is just a bit of what is highlighted by the piece:

Together, the current threesome have devised some of the most

incredible evenings in Miami, from bringing in record labels Fool's

Gold and Ghostly International during the town's much-heralded Winter

Music Conference to one-offs with everyone from Calvin Harris to Black

Moth Super Rainbow.


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