Blast From the Past: Blowfly - The Butterfly

Here's Clarence Reid's bizarro comedy album, The Butterfly, co-emceed by longtime associate The Butterfly, Milton "Butterball" Smith, who's sadly no longer with us... but he's with us on the Tarzan of the Apes routine... seriously, white folks want everything... and now they want to come to Florida and get what certain others always had: "tan skin and big dicks!"

The Butterfly's not like other comedy albums of the era that will surely feel dated by today's standards... though you young'uns might wanna track it down on the internets before you formulate misguided opinions. He's a no-good redneck... that's right! Before Sugarhill Gang gave you a 17-minute ditty to fuck with your white parents, this was the real 10-4.

I don't want to get in-between race issues... but I'll say this much: This 1981 comedy album, replete with funky guitar, sweet negress yells, and Butterball's thick voice, was future-minded in thought for one thing and one thing only: the advent of Viagra. It happened here first, and it happened so humorously, and so here you're gonna come correct!!

Up and down and the rest of the jokes are bar-none, sure enough it is beautiful darling, fuck that beep-beep shit. It don't matter how many watts you got, it could've been worse. Purchase this motherfucker for the jokes and for "Rapp Dirty." South Florida, take what is righteously yours!!!

Cuz if you don't like it, you'ze on the suck train. Go figure. Get wet.


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