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Blast From the Past: Cavity - Drowning

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(Bacteria Sour)

Cavity reigned with doom and sludge at a time (the '90s) when we all needed a firm kick to the balls. What you've heard is true. They started off as Crawl and did an ENTIRE tour in which nary a note was performed! It was all feedback! These guys even had Japanese clones. And yes, everyone who's ever been behind an instrument in South Florida and had artistic leanings tenured in this outfit at some point or the other.

Drowning was the first full-length effort put forth by these Black Sabbath-inspired mothers. These guys were so freaking heavy and secretive that my old friend and bandmate, Julio N., traveled with them out to California for a Slap-a-Ham fest, and all the metal, HC, thrash, gutter-punk, and punk kids had no idea who they were when they took the stage and were distraught when they found out these clean-cut Miami guys were in fact the almighty Cavity!

I don't want to start gushing like a little bitch, but this is the band and album that I measure a lot of things against. It is slow, it is heavy, it is discordant, it is abrasive, it eats children, it is its own religion, it is a new language, it is something that in my humble opinion, the rest of the Continental U.S. of A. has tried very hard to replicate. You can't. Don't try. Let it go. Go home to Mommy and make a sandwich.

Bassist Daniel Gorostiaga was the glue for this band, his band. On this record, going on the whole revolving door of characters, you'll find the awesome and tortured vocals of local artist and noise-music genius Rene Barge, the drums of Jorge Alvarez, the guitars of Steve Vialon, the Waterford Landing's Ed Matus, Torche's Steve Brooks, and Buddha.

The album is a typical product from Pushead's deranged mind; a metallic, die-cut with one of his signature drip paintings and horror graphics. It is a true beauty to behold. One of the few instances in which a compact disc looks good. Jeremy DuBois and Scott Nixon handled the engineering, and it has a Sour 17 D number for cataloging. Completely out of print and sometimes found on the eBays and Amazon.coms, between 55 and 160 buckaroos!

I will not even tell you the tracks, but all 13 are so delicious, I envy myself right now. From "The Saver" to "Marginal Man Blues" to "Crawling" to the title track to hateful minute of "O.T.D." to the sheer awesomeness of "Chloride" to the closer "Slug," this disc is well worth picking up. Leave your children a nice legacy. More to come about these guys within these pages. Huzzah!

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